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6. RONMax™ Naphtha Isomerization and Aromatization Combined Process Technology

Full-range naphtha is composed of C4 to C10 hydrocarbon components which include both light naphtha (C4~C6) and heavy naphtha (C7~C10) fractions, and it can be processed by isomerization and aromatization processes. However, isomerization process for full-range naphtha is not efficient for the heavy fraction conversion, while aromatization process is not beneficial for the light naphtha either. Thus, it is essentially important to resolve such conflicts of full-range naphtha processing in the refining industry.  

As the first combined processing technology in our company, RONMaxNaphtha Isomerization andAromatization Combined Process Technology is specialized in the highly efficient process of full-range naphtha processing. It first divides the full-range naphtha into light fraction and heavy fraction. Then the light fraction was isomerized by H-isomprocess to produce the isomerate, while the heavy was aromatized by AroBooster processto get aromatized products. In such combined way, it can make fully use of and  process the full-range naphtha to obtain the desired products efficiently.