Beijing Sino Sphere Petrochemical Technologies Co., Ltd.

5. ParadeH™ C3/C4 Dehydrogenation Process Technology

C3/C4 hydrocarbon dehydrogenation technology is a catalytic dehydrogenation process with C3/C4 alkane(propane/butane) to produce C3/C4 olefin (propylene, butane, isobutene). This technology is becoming one of the leading technologies to produce olefins for the downstream in the petrochemical industry.

Sino-Sphere’s ParadeH C3/C4 Dehydrogenation Process Technology provides two types of advanced technologies for our customers, the fixed-bed process and the moving bed process, both are with high selectivity and high productivity for propylene andbutane. The advantage of ParadeH fixed-bed process is the lowest investment cost with relatively short catalyst life.While the ParadeH moving-bed process has a relatively long catalyst life with a higher investment. The design of ParadeHprocess will be customized to addressing the different needs from the refineries, which makes our technology more competitive.