Beijing Sino Sphere Petrochemical Technologies Co., Ltd.

4. AroBooster™ Naphtha Hydro-Aromatization Process Technology

AroBooster Naphtha Hydro-Aromatization Process Technology is to covert low RON and low value naphtha into the high RON and high value aromatic products with the by-product H2. AroBooster’s moving-bed process has the superiority of regenerating the catalyst continuously.

The core of AroBooster NaphthaHydro-Aromatization Process Technology is the catalyst. With advanced metal distribution technology and innovative high-bulk density, high-specific surface area, high-wear resistance and hydrothermal stability spherical Al2O3support, Sino-Sphere has successfully developed the catalyst suitable for continuous catalyst regeneration aromatization. This catalyst has superior properties of high-activity, high-selectivity and resistance to coke deposition, which prolongs the catalyst life time for AroBooster process.Compared to the CCR reforming, Sino-sphere’s AroBoostersaves a lot of capital, which has been the best choice for the small-scale refineriesto produce high RON and high value aromatic products.