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3. AromaGenerator™ LPG Continuous Catalytic Regeneration Moving Bed Aromatization Process Technolog

LPG aromatization technology is a catalytic process with LPG (C3~C5 hydrocarbon) as feedstock to produce BTX (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene) or high RON gasoline by chemical reactions such as cracking, dehydrogenation, hydrogen transfer,cyclization or isomerization. This technology converts LPG into higher value products, which significantly improves the profitability of the refinery.

Most of the LPG aromatization technologies in China are fixed-bed process with very low efficiency because of the high catalyst deactivation rate and short catalyst life now. Sino-sphere’s AromaGeneratorprocess is a moving bed process, which realizes the continuous catalyticregeneration aromatization reaction with high efficiency.