Beijing Sino Sphere Petrochemical Technologies Co., Ltd.

2. H-isom™ C5/C6 Low Temperature Isomerization Technology

C5/C6 are the hydrocarbon components with 5~6 carbon atoms in the molecular. They are mainly from condensate of the petroleum exploitation, straight run naphtha, light naphtha in the hydrocraking, topped oil in the catalytic reforming,raffinate in the aromatics extraction, and naphtha from the coal chemical industry. Normally the majority of C5/C6 components from the resources above are paraffinic.  

C5/C6 were mainly processed as the feedstock to the catalytic reforming and steam cracking for ethylene in the past years. With the upgrading of gasoline implementing in China, gasoline standard will be enforced from STATE IV to V at the beginning of 2017. STATE VIis also under drafting. In fact, Beijing municipal government plans to adopt BEIJING VI standard. H-isom is the first C5/C6 low temperature isomerization technology in China developed by Sino-Sphere addressing to the challenge of the continuous upgrading of gasoline standard in the future.

H-isom process is capable of producing C5/C6 isomerate with high RON without impurities. Compared to other low temperature isomerization technologies, Sino-Sphere’s H-isomis the lowest cost technology in both Capex and Opex. This significantly lower the cost ofisomerate production. At the same time, it upgrades the low value feedstock to make higher value product.