Beijing Sino Sphere Petrochemical Technologies Co., Ltd.

1. G-isom™ C4 Low Temperature Isomerization Process Technology

C4 is a hydrocarbon component with 4carbon atoms in the molecular, which is called butane. It is a by-product in the petroleum industry, such as the petroleum exploitation, oil refining, steamcracking for ethylene, as well as methanol to olefin (MTO) process, etc. There are 20 million tons of C4 produced every year in China.

C4 isomerization, the process of isomerizing normal butane (n-C4) to isobutene (i-C4), is one of the key technologies for C4 utilization. Since isobutene is a very important material for producing many important chemical materials such as rubber, MTBE (a blendingstock for gasoline), alkylate (a blending stock for gasoline), plastics, finechemicals, etc.

Sino-Sphere’s G-isom C4 Low Temperature Isomerization Technologyis one of the most important C4 isomerization technologies in the world because of its effective cost in both Capex and Opex, mild operation condition and high conversion.