Beijing Sino Sphere Petrochemical Technologies Co., Ltd.

5.Continuous Catalytic Regeneration Reforming Catalyst (CZ-10)  

       Continuous Catalytic Regeneration Reforming Catalyst (CZ-10) was used in the AroBooster naphtha moving bed hydro-aromatization process.Catalyst CZ-10 was prepared based on Sino-Sphere’s innovative catalyst support making technology. Sino-Sphere is the first company in China successfully developed the spherical Al2O3 support with high-bulk density,high-specific surface area, high-wear resistance and hydrothermal stability. With advanced metal distribution technology, Catalyst CZ-10 for the naphtha hydro-aromatization process was developed. This catalyst has a higher reaction activity, higher reaction selectivity and resistant to carbon deposition, which prolongs the catalyst lifetime effectively.


                                                               CZ-10 catalyst